Jamie xx plays at the Rainbow Warehouse in Birmingham, 20 March 2015. © 2015 . All rights reserved.

Jamie xx plays at the Rainbow Warehouse in Birmingham

I am pretty stoked about this one, for several reasons.

First and foremost because Jamie xx is a superb DJ, with a real flow and intensity to his music selection that is a rare talent. Seeing how he constructed the evenings music was a real eye-opener to the way he may approach work with his fellow band-members in The xx. I’d definitely recommend seeing him live as a DJ and also recommend searching out his new album, “In Colour”.

Second is that I had been asked to shoot this for magazine Mixmag.  I mean, who wouldn’t?! Special thanks to Leftfoot for hooking us up, respect.

Third is despite me promising myself a quiet weekend, and having to reluctantly cancel my shoot of one of my favourite bands Warpaint at The Institute for BrumNotes and GigJunkies, two members of the band actually turned up to watch Jamie xx! I stayed until about 4am to see if they’d do a session on the decks, but alas not. Pity I couldn’t catch them. Next time!

So all told an inspiring night. Perhaps I should rearrange my diary last minute more often ;-)

Jamie xx plays at the Rainbow Warehouse in Birmingham, 20 March 2015.
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